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select the best juniors.

Top university background

Our juniors are top students and recent graduates from leading universities in one or more of the following fields: Business, Economics, Sciences, Computer technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
High value

They’ll provide an immediate boost when working with you, thanks to competencies they acquired through previous work experience and their education
Potential long term value

Having them with you for a short duration in a project, internship, or as a working student may simply be the first step of your professional relationship. We match your needs with top juniors that could also become full-time employees

What we look for in our Juniors

How we evaluate their competences

We take full advantage of technology solutions when evaluating juniors’ competencies to go far beyond the shortcuts typically employed in junior job interviews.

The HYRE app allows juniors to measure their skills and knowledge through a proprietary system of daily quizzes, brain teasers, case studies, and other digital in-app assessments. We aggregate the generated information to support juniors in their professional development while providing you with best-in class competency profiles

Personal competencies
Besides providing an overview of juniors’ hard skills, we also strive to analyze personal competencies. We are working with the internationally recognized business psychology expert Dr. Timo Meynhardt (Professor at HHL and the University of St. Gallen, ex-McKinsey) to bring his personal competency assessments into our app and your selection process
Objective Feedback
Everytime a junior works with with one of our partner companies, the results and an evaluation by the partner company are added to their profiles, allowing HYRE to have an objective image of their abilities
Personal Review
To ensure that matches are reliable, the HYRE team reviews all applicants’ profiles before presenting the most fitting ones. If you wish, HYRE will also personally interview candidates for you

We take full advantage of technology to evaluate juniors’ competencies

The HYRE app allows juniors to measure their skills and knowledge with in-app mini assessments. We aggregate the information to provide you with best in-class competency overviews while supporting juniors in their professional development
Mock-up Tasks
These job-like tasks will help us assess juniors’ professional competency levels through examples that could have come right out of your work day
Brain Teasers
Test the juniors’ ability to think laterally and outside of conventional boxes
Subject Knowledge
Quiz format questions will help us assess the juniors’ knowledge in specific subjects
Quantitative Tests
GMAT-like questions will help us evaluate juniors’ analytical mindset levels
Tool Tests
Help us gauge and understand juniors’ familiarity with industry and task-specific tools such as the microsoft office suite or google analytics
Personality and Communication Tests
Standardized tests used to provide insights into juniors’ soft skills

Past Projects

100% fill rate. High-quality professional junior work is our domain

FMCG Research: Italy
Matched Profile
  • Final Year Bsc.
  • Italian Market Expertise
  • 6 Months of FMCG Research

Project Description
  • 120 Hours needed next month
  • 2 days time to staff
  • 17€ an hour

High Class Web Dev
Matched Profile
  • Final Year UI/UX Bsc.
  • CSS & UI/UX Expertise
  • 2 Years Freelance web developer

Project Description
  • 60 hours in April 2020
  • 3 days time to staff
  • 30€ an hour

Sales Lead Research
Matched Profile
  • 2 Mathematics Msc.
  • Proven attention to detail
  • Immediate availability

Project Description
  • 70 Hours needed within 4 days
  • 2 days time to staff
  • 15€ an hour

Our Target Universities

We prefer quality over quantity. To ensure top-quality professional junior work, we carefully select juniors from leading european schools in each field

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