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All your junior hiring in a single platform. Top juniors. Curated selections. Tech enabled processes. Full flexibility

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Flexible teams achieve the best results.
Focus on what you do best
We source and evaluate juniors, match them to your opportunities, present candidate shortlists, and continuously prepare the juniors with best practices
Full Flexibility
Boost your short-term junior competencies and capacity in projects or fill longer needs with interns and working students. In either case, pre-evaluated profiles will be ready in 2-3 days
Guaranteed top quality
Juniors from the best universities with evaluated and competencies, Quality assurance through proprietary best practices, training, and previous project ratings
Minimized opportunity costs
Spend 93% less time hiring and cut your costs per hire by 20%


New Intern
New Employee
Senior Freelancer
Time to Hire
Work Quality
Total Cost

How it works

HYRE enables flexible access to curated pre-evaluated top juniors. We pride ourselves with our high potential students and fresh graduates from the best universities in their respective fields. Our tech enabled processes and pricing enable you to efficiently work with these high potentials whenever and however it suits you

Providing meaningful curated applicant profiles within 3 days

Define a profile

Tell us which competencies you are looking for in your candidate and describe what they’ll be working on. We know speed is of the essence, so with a filled out overview form and an onboarding call is all it takes to start our matching process
Candidate Matching

Our algorithms will immediately find matching juniors in our database. In case of special needs, we’ll draw on our network of campus ambassadors and active sourcing through partner channels
Select Your Best Fit

We’ll present you with detailed candidate profiles, so you can make the final pick. If you can’t decide, we’ll schedule personal fit interviews
Success Based Pricing

A single fee replaces all of your sourcing, evaluation, & admin costs for all of your junior hiring. Find out more about our pricing here

Our students have worked at

During short-term projects, we provide a clear project management tool to track all hours and tasks managed. We make the tool accessible to you so that you can always follow the progress and check the amounts of hours the junior spends on individual tasks. You can also use the tool to share tasks, deadlines, or documents with the juniors. Of course, we also make it available for the intern and working student positions you fill with us

How we source, evaluate and match top juniors for you

Matching juniors and professional work is all about having the right insights at the right time. That's why our mobile app reaches and engages juniors every day

30 Campus ambassadors studying business, tech, or engineering related degrees represent and promote the HYRE app at 20 leading universities to sign-up their fellow top students
Gathering Insights
Juniors use our app to learn about breaking into the most challenging and interesting careers while finding out how they compare to their peers through digital in-app assessments. We aggregate this information and present it to you in structured digital profiles
Cutting edge self-learning algorithms match your positions to the juniors that fit them best, at which point they can apply with a single tap
Personal Evaluation
To ensure that the digital evaluations’ results are reliable, the HYRE team reviews all applicants’ profiles before presenting the most promising ones to you in a curated selection. In our premium packages, we also make more detailed assessments available


We know that the security of your data and the confidentiality of your work is essential. We ensure that all your expectations in this regard are met by working on three levels:

All the project contracts we set up with client firms include a clause on data confidentiality to provide you with the proper security from a legal perspective in your dealings with HYRE
Likewise, all contracts with juniors we staff on your projects or sample internship contracts also include clauses on data confidentiality. If you wish, we can also setup NDAs for our juniors for the time you work together
Ironclad paperwork provides legal protection in case something goes wrong, however we believe that it must never come to that point. Therefore, we pay extreme attention to our juniors understanding of the importance of confidentiality in professional work environments and reiterate it in all evaluation and onboarding processes

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As a startup, we are constantly under pressure to deliver high growth and results with a lean team. So we have to ensure that every team member works on the topics that deliver the most value. HYRE ensures that labor-intensive junior work such as sales lead generation is handled at high quality, often within only a few hours, while my internal sales team can focus on converting the leads.
Fritz Cramer
Founder & MD at Cosuno

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