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Learning Experience

Unlimited professional opportunities to strengthen your current competencies while you pick up a wide variety of new ones

Top Junior Salary

Companies select you for real work so you’ll earn 15 to 35€ an hour on exclusive short-term projects

Maximum Flexibility

Short-term projects as well as longer internship and working student positions are all available at a touch. Matching your interests and availability. Remotely or in major cities

Single Digital Profile

Your single digital profile allows you to apply to opportunities that find you with a single touch. Leave the rest to our AI Instead of writing cover letters

How it works

Join the Talentpool before applying

  1. Create a digital profile with the HYRE app to become available for all our projects, internships, and working student positions
  2. We match you with opportunities that fit your skills and interests all year around
Apply to Projects

  1. Confirm your interest and availability for opportunities that match you with a single touch
  2. We may contact and quickly interview you to ensure a good fit
Selection process

  1. We anonymize profiles to protect your privacy, and let the partner companies select the candidate(s) they like best
  2. Personal fit is often key- companies may organize personal fit interviews to make their final decisions

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What you’ll be working on

Our extensive network of top firms is highly diverse. Thanks to their different focus areas and topics, you’ll have loads of interesting topics to work on. Gain experience wherever you want from business to tech, from remote to on-site, from short-term projects to 6 month internships, from 1st semester to masters graduate

Entry Level Tasks
  • - Data entry
  • - Data cleansing
  • - Combing through sources to find specific info


Search through online sources to find leads’ email addresses

Business Research
  • - (Online) Desk research


Find and structure market data to support the introduction of a food product in a new market

Operational support
  • - Marketing: SEM development, content creation, Funnel optimization
  • - Product testing: UI/UX assessment, mystery shopping


Continuous support in content creation and the creation of a social media presence

Business Analysis
  • - Client interviews
  • - Data analysis & BI
  • - Financial Modelling


Determine the size and likely development of the global cosmetic wax metric

Software Development
  • - Web development using frameworks
  • - Minimum Viable Product


Rebuild a website updating the design as well as the look and feel for a new client base

Thanks to a wide variety of clients, no position is the same as the last

Consultancies support companies by making recommendations and guiding their clients through unique challenges and opportunities.
Investment banks get involved when their clients need advice or a special service on a high finance related topics.
The passionate entrepreneurs behind startups work to disrupt almost every industry; renewing old paradigms and approaches with novel ideas and solutions.
Private equity firms acquire companies and optimize their performance so that they can be sold at a higher valuation later.
Venture capital funds search for and invest in promising startups to profit as the startups grow and develop.

Our Top juniors are

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